Grafana doesn't show options for x-axis or keep changes

Not a lot of details here. Can you provide some more:

  • Is it just this panel or all panels?
  • Have you just installed Grafana? If so how and on which OS.
  • Any errors in the Grafana server log?
  • Which browser?

This looks like you have managed to select a non valid value in the x axis mode option

The error at top says I’ve not selected anything for X-Axis but when I try to do that it doesn’t list anything and doesn’t keep any changes that make for the X-Axis.

Can you provide more details, please. Hard to help you otherwise :slight_smile:

I guess I’m not sure what’s confusing.

The X-Axis doesnt populate with anything from the query.

Selecting the drop downs manually and changing them doesn’t keep - the settings don’t stay when you change them manually.

I’m not sure how else I can explain it to you.

See above. I cannot recreate your error without some more details. I have never seen your error before so there must be something different with your setup.

Oh - sorry.

Grafana 4.3.1

datasource: mysql (mariadb)

The database is hosted on another vm - both CentOS 7.

Here’s the SQL Query:

format(floor(sensors.sensor_value),0) AS ‘Voltage’,
format(floor(sensors.sensor_event),0) AS ‘Status’,
format(floor(devices_locations.location_city),0) AS ‘Location’,
sensors.sensor_polled AS ‘Last Change’
sensors.device_id = devices_locations.device_id
WHERE sensors.device_id=4 AND sensors.sensor_descr=‘Input Voltage’;

The column sensors.sensor_polled is a datetime group which is what I’d like to use as the X-Axis.

Have you seen the help section for MySQL queries? That does not look like a valid query for time series data.

If that column is a DTG what format does Grafana need it to be in order to recognize it?

DTG? Is that a column type?

Sorry: DTG= date time group.

It’s just a date field but I think the formatting isn’t what Grafana is expecting.

you need date histogram / time series in graph panel.

@cubiclemonkey did you get it working?