Grafana in AWS EC2 with subdomain and SSL

First, thanks for create Grafana, its a complete platform.

I’m currently use Grafana 4.4.1 on AWS EC2 instance running Windows Server 2012 R2.
How could I add it to Internet information services and install a SSL certificate to use https protocol?
And I have a domain in Godaddy, is it possible to have a subdomain like pointing to the AWS EC2 IP address?

Thanks for your help!

1.) Configure your Grafana
Doc is your friend -

2.) Cloud native solution
Configure your SSL cert in AWS ELB which will be used in front of your Grafana

DNS: yes, you can. It’s just only about configuration of additional DNS record.

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I create a ELB certificate, how can I add it to Grafana?

I understand that you need to configure https protocol, cert_file and cert_key where can I find it?

Thank you!