Grafana monitoring multiple servers

Hi Friends, I am new to Grafana, My aim is to monitor multiple servers in grafana, right now i have installed, collectd,influxdb and Grafana in same server and it is working fine.

Could you please tell me, if I want to monitor 10 servers in Grafana means what is the procedure to do for it.

Thanks in advance.

In your setup you only need one Grafana instance and one InfluxDB instance. The collectd agent needs to be installed on the 10 servers that you are monitoring and then it sends the metrics to your InfluxDB (and Grafana visualizes the metrics in InfluxDB).

Some other points/questions:

  • Is your Grafana installed on a production server? It should be kept separate from the servers that you are monitoring so that if the server crashes you do not lose your monitoring as well.
  • Why did you choose collectd over Telegraf? Collectd will absolutely work but it can be easier to get started with Telegraf as it is integrated more with InfluxDB.

Thanks Daniel for the response.I will check with Grafana,InfluxDB and telegraf.

I have tried with Grafana,Influxdb,collectd in same server and its worked fine. when I tried collectd in different server and Grafana,InfluxDB in same server, Am not getting the metrics to influxDB.

Both InfluxDB and Collectd instances are in same network.

1.Am testing on testing instance, once the testing phase done then I will move to Production.
2.I chosen collectd to for testing.

Is there any links can you share with combination of, Grafana,InfluxDB and Telegraf for Multiple servers monitoring.

Telegraf should automatically connect to InfluxDB if they are in the same network. There is an example of how to configure the connection between Telegraf and InfluxDB in the linked blog post.

Thanks a lot Daniel, I will check it and let you know.

Hi Danielle,
I did as you mentioned above.
I have added telegraf in all other servers too.
Can you please tell me,what all the configurational changes to be made, in order to monitor other servers??
Kindly assist…
Note:All other servers are in the same network