Grafana & OpenID authentication problems

At the moment I’ve set up Grafana and my Identity Provider which is Gluu (
I am using generic_oauth grafana module. Users should authenticate with Gluu and afterwards be redirected to Grafana.
I’ve created OpenID client and configured it to reach Grafana. But when I click log in with Gluu on Grafana page I get prompted to sign in with my Identity Provider and connection gets closed, i.e. “ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE” in browser.
URL looks like this:

Redirect URL specified in Gluu:

My oauth Grafana configuration:

allow_sign_up	true
client_id	@!E233.C3FC.11F4.6350!0001!A40B.5BVA!0008!7E52.CEEA.108E.C0G4
client_secret	************
enabled	true
name	Gluu
scopes	openid
tls_client_cert	/etc/grafana/gluu_site.pem
tls_client_key	/etc/grafana/gluu_site.key

Couldn’t find any errors in gluu as well as in Grafana logs.
Could you please point me in the right direction? What am I missing?
Thanks in advance!

What does the api url, userinfo endpoint return? Looks like. It returns an empty response

It doesn’t return anything, in URL response I get code but no token… I wonder if my redirect_uri is valid. In Gluu I’ve got “Redirect Login URIs” set to . Is that right?