Grafana session issues


I have integrate freeipa with grafana for user authentication. And grafana is running behind nginx. But i do see the session never expire ?

can some one help me on how to do this ?

There are two options, login remember days

and session life time

provider = memory
provider_config = sessions
cookie_name = grafana_sess
cookie_secure = true
session_life_time = 300
login_remember_days = 0

this was my configuration. but i am not clear whether i am doing is correct or not.

When i access “grafana” directly without using nginx(stopped nginx), i do see “website redirection” error. Dont see the reason in the logs.

Things which i cross checked from my end.

  • i do see disk space is available.
  • sessions are stored in postgresql db.
  • accessing the grafana using http://root_url:port

Grafana configuration :-

protocol = http
http_addr = *****
http_port = 3000
domain = *******
enforce_domain = false
root_url = http://******:3000


provider = postgres
provider_config = user=system password=*****host= port=5432 dbname=system sslmode=disable
cookie_name = grafana_sess
cookie_secure = true
session_life_time = 7200
login_remember_days = 7200

I dont know why grafana application itself do redirecting. i tried clearing cookies in firefox, chrome, safari but still the same issues.

I found whats the issues. thank you.

What was the solution? Having similar issues

http_addr = leave it blank
domain = set it to full qualified public domain name.