Grafana Table with multiple queries


Is Grafana Table support multiple queries?
I have two queries (A and B) and I see only columns from first select query.
I know that timestamps can be different, by I group by the same field in both queries (some tag).
So maby I have to drop Time column from table? It iwll halep? How can I do it?

It depends on what your query returns (the Format As option), does it return time series data? then you can use multiple queries. If it returns table data, I think only one query is supported.


Yes, it it is True. Maby I will write some plugin, becouse now i have many rows with the same header and other value (calculations) - percentage changes od hour, day, month etc. I would like show it in one table without time column.


I have two queries for influxDB. If i have two queries (queries A and B), are they executed in the same order? I have such a situation, where I want to execute exactly in that order, first A and then B. Query A is doing a SELECT INTO, and Query B is doing DROPPING some rows. Therefore, before dropping some rows, i am backing them up in another table with SELECT INTO statement. As a result, it is very important that first Query A is executed completely before Query B starts.

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