Grafana tooltip goes half out of screen

When I updated from Grafana 4.1 to 4.2 I noticed that the tooltip/popover now opens upwards/top from info icon, when it previously opened to right side of info icon. When the info icon is at the left side of screen it makes the tooltip go half out of screen. Is there a way to define to which side the tooltip opens?

This was a bug that got introduced in 4.2.0. It is fixed on master and we will be releasing 4.3.0 very soon. If you cannot wait until then then the latest nightly build is available here.

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@timyllym @daniellee

I am trying to build a custom panel plugin and i have the same problem.
I would like a tooltip to be appeared every time the mouse hovers over a particular object. However the tool tip is being cut, and half of it is out of the panel.
I can see that i do not have the same problem at the graph panel, where the tooltip goes over the panel:

By having a look at the code of the graph panel, i found that it is using a function to create the innerHTML code for the tooltip and place it at the desired position:

Do you think i have to create a similar function in order to deal with my problem? Is there any other function at the graph panel’s code that causes the tooltip to go over the panel?

Please any insight or advise would be very helpful!
Thank you in advance!