Grafana with Self-Signed Certificates and locally generated Certificate Authority (CA)?

So I have created a Repo called tiguitto which makes deploying the TIG (Telegraf, InfluxDB v1.x, Grafana, Mosquitto) stack very easy for all types of security ranging from the very basic authentication, Self-Signed Certificates and currently working on certbot integration.

It is mainly docker-compose files for different scenarios and bash scripts for generating relevant certificates and simple automation scripts.

I was able to use Self-Signed certificates with the other components of the stack but cannot figure out if Grafana supports them actually.

I stumbled across https://localhost:3000/t/grafana-webhook-failed-to-send-alert-notifications-x509-certificate-signed-by-unknown-authority/5701/7 which was exactly the problem I was facing and was wondering if the following assumption is correct:

Grafana does not support Self-Signed Certificates with a local Certificate Authority (CA)

If I am wrong what is the configuration that I need to adapt to introduce the CA into grafana and where should I add a configuration to skip the TLS verification?