[GrafanaCon 2019] CFP feedback?

Slightly atypical question for this forum, but I can’t currently think of a better place to ask it: Does anyone know the current status of review and feedback for talk proposals sent in for GrafanaCon 2019?

Both myself and a colleague submitted proposals via the CFP page ahead of the October deadline. The page (https://www.grafanacon.org/2019/cfp) at that time indicated that feedback would be provided by November 1st. Neither of us have heard anything since. It would be good to know whether (a) the review process is complete and we were (silently) rejected, or (b) the process is still ongoing and we just need to be patient.

From what I can tell the GrafanaCon website doesn’t mention contact details of any kind - hence me asking the question here.

Hi Svetb,

Apologies on the delay for that, this falls squarely on my shoulders.

It is taking longer than expected to finalize the list internally, and then the first week of November totally flew by!

I will definitely send an email out to every person who submitted a talk, and try to do that this week. Again, sorry to leave you hanging, was not my intention.


Trent White | Organizer, GrafanaCon

Thanks Trent, appreciate the rapid response!

No worries, I know these things can take a while. Look forward to hearing from you further.

Hi @trentwhite, just wanted to check in on this again. Any news?