Graph Plot - Displaying multiple metrics for same Buckets un elastic search

Am using elastic search as datasource and trying to plot two different metrics for same bucket set for relative comparison over the time.
Example : My X-axis represents Series of 9 Machines, say A,BC,…
and on Y-axis, I am trying to plot total TCP and UDP traffic seen per month.
So, I create foll -
Metric : Sum of TCP_bytes
Metric : Sum of UDP bytes
GroupBy : Terms, HostMachine
ThenBy : @timestamp, 1y

In elastic, documents that have TCP bytes does not have UDP bytes column and vice-versa.

In Graph panel, it plots every machine twice for each type of metric. See attached image, first 9 bar represents 9 machines A,B,C,… and next 9 bars are for same machines A,B,C,…
Can someone pls guide if I can plot both TCP and UDP over one another? Like show TCP traffic as bar graph and UDP as line graph in same Graph panel with single node instance?
Pls suggest.

This is not supported right now

Thanks for the info.
Is there any existing alternate way of achieving such comparisons in Grafana? If not, is there any scope of introducing such feature in any upcoming Grafana releases?

Yes we hope to add it, but not sure when. Hopefully it can come via contribution in next release.

The “next” release already here, I’m wondering if it’s cover the topic?


No, this feature is not on any road map, so might take years until we get to it, or we might get outside contribution