Having metadata in information


I try to monitor test runs and failed / passed cases. I have set of ~ 6 different cases and i’d like to have a bar for each case, divided by passed and failed cases. Is there any way to do that kind of monitoring?


This sounds like it is quite standard. Are you using a time series database? (Like Graphite, InfluxDB or Prometheus).

You would save a timestamp, a value (passed or failed) and a tag (case type) and then create a query where you group by case type and finally choose the Bar display style in Grafana (possibly with stacking if you want to stack the bars).

Here is a bar chart with stacking:


I use mysql. I am able to do that with grafana in other project, but having harder time with mysql


Yes, it is a bit harder with sql as it is a more general language than the query languages for the specialist time series databases. When you create a new query you get given a template query where you fill in you table name and column names. It expects 3 columns: a timestamp/datetime, a value and a metric name column (what you are grouping by).