Help building queries on a mixed VMware environment


I’m using grafana v4.3.0 with graphite only to query against my vCenter in v6.5 on which i have a mix environment with Cluster and non-Cluster servers.
Because of this mixed environment i can’t run some queries when i need to sum up Cluster and non-cluster values.

Example: i tried creating the basic following query that count the number of ESX in a datacenter:
#A - countSeries(esx..$Department*..quickstats.overallStatus)
#B - countSeries(vmw.
#C - sumSeries(#A,#B)

I templated $Department with custom values that can be found in the datacenter name.
If my datacenter contain only Cluster environment OR non-cluster environment, the query fails because #A or #B is null.
If my datacenter contain a mix of both, then it’s working.

I’ve tried everything to not count if series #A or #B is null with remove*Value, transformNull. I’ve tried setting a value mapping of 1 if value is null, and then using useSeriesAbove with 0.

Please advice if you can help me build a query that would fix the issue or if it’s a bug.

Thanks in advance,

Not sure, maybe a graphite limitation

Thank you @torkel for taking the time to read the issue.

Do you have any idea on where to start to solve it ?


no, sorry, check graphite docs