Help in getting trend of specific metrics

Grafana - 5.2.1
DataSource - influxdb
OS - windows 10

What did you do?
Tried to get the average response trend across builds

Table 1:

Transaction buildno avg
Search 121 2356
Search 121 2486
Login 121 1256
Login 121 1286
Search 122 4587
Search 122 1456
Multiple hits are there for every 5 secs once. I tried with the following query

Select avg from table1 where $timefilter groupby buildno

I could see single line in graph panel but i couldn’t see the transaction details while hovering on it. I also tried with aliasby and groupby clause but after putting all those fields i could see multiple lines against transactions is there a way to plot a single line group by buildno along with the transaction details when hovered over the panel.

Anyhelp is much appreciated!