Help with "Alias by tags"

How can I remove redundant metric name ?
after i group by some filed/tags metric names look like:
" docker {container_name:eval.board.smartsh/eval}"
If I use “alias by” and $tag_container_name on board metric_names look like:

aaaaaaand I want looks:

help mee)

you need to change your tag value in that case so it only include “eval”, “mirror”, “S.P.U” , Grafana alias patterns allow you to specify which tags to use in the series name but it will not allow you to modify / use substring of tag value.

mmm, okay.
Can I use regex in “alias by” ? and how?

No as I said you need modify how you write the data in this case as InfluxDB does nos support changing tag values in it’ query language. The alias patterns allow you to specify what tag values to show not modify them