Hide time column

I use this query to select data from an InfluxDB measurment:


This query return 2 columns in the table, time and value. value contain the same value of time columns, so I need to hide one of two. I prefer hide time column. The result should be a table with 1 column.

Is it possible?

Many Thanks


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Yes, match your time column to a column style (by name or with a regex) and then choose type Hidden:


thanks a lot for help.

Regards Marco

@daniellee Hi

I can hide the column but hiding column also removed the rules which i set for this column. Any idea how can I hide a column but keep the rules.

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Having the same issue, would be great. Would be great to have an option to hide column but keep the ruules!

Any idea on how to do this in Grafana 8?

Yeah, wondering the same!

Have you tried using a Filter by name Transformation, like this?



EDIT: You can also try the Organize fields Transformation:



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The problem with this kludge is that the hidden field can no longer be referenced in the table. Thus it cannot be used.

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Actually this sounds crazy. We must query
SELECT a, b, c FROM hs_log

to prepare correct DataLink to another Dashboard.

But we want to hide column “c” from the user.
Because for a viewer column “c” is just a garbage (some GUID for example).

And among all great customizations in “Overrides” section there is no option “Hide column”.
It is weird at least.

You’re amazing thanks