Histogram Lose Data

Hi,when i use histogram to show disk usedpercent,the panel lose one data.

my env:

  • grafana 4.4.1 with mysql 5.5
  • opentsdb 2.3

I use tcollector collect 12 servers(ip : disk usedpercent on mount point /data[1-12].and use histogram show the percent count

  • the metric like that:

os.df.bytes.percentused 67 mount=/data1 endpoint=
os.df.bytes.percentused 78 mount=/data2 endpoint=

  • this is my panel config

  • that is my panel:

you can see the count is 1,3,3,4,and there is only 11 host data.The legend show 11 IP and 1 count。In the legend,I fond lose one server data(

  • when I change histogram to series

  • the panel show that:

the data of show 68 and it’s in the first line of legend,just like the histogram mode “count”

it that the reson histogram lose data?

looks like a bug, opened an issue for this: https://github.com/grafana/grafana/issues/8886