How can I add cascaded tags


First of all, thanks for the great product! I setup Grafana to monitor our system and the datasource is InfluxDB. We define two tags: server and node, and many nodes belong to one server. Show below:

>   SHOW TAG VALUES FROM x_memory WITH KEY=server
name: x_memory
key  value
---  -----
server host50
server host51

> SHOW TAG VALUES FROM x_memory WITH KEY=node where server='host50'
name: x_memory
key  value
---  -----
node node10
node node11
node node12

I want the cascaded tags. If I change the server, and node tag only lists the available nodes. I have tried below and failed.

SHOW TAG VALUES FROM erlang_memory WITH KEY=node where server =~ /$server$/

Could you please tell me now Grafana support the cascaded tags? if yes, how can I setup?


It should work.

That setup works on this dashboard:

Thanks Torkel, it works :slight_smile: