How to alert to the local syslog service?

Would it be possible in Grafana to alert to local installed syslog service ?

May be you have configured in the syslog.conf file :

local5.* /var/log/alerts.log

Now I want to send alerts when the threshold exceeds to the local syslog service with
Facility = local5 and Severity = Error.

How would it be possible ?

If you go to alert notification channels and create a new channel you can see the available notification channels (slack, email, pagerduty, webhook, etc), syslog is not currently available as an notification channel type

Yes I already seen these types,
but may be there is a way via a gateway to convert from a “Grafana supported notification” to syslog ?

Would the webhook notification work for that?

May be - yes
I think about how I can translate a webhook message to a syslog message.