How to cancel the auto recognition log and turn to colorful

such as the picture shows, the msg contains the word “Error” so it shows red
Is there a place to block this feature?
I hope some friends can help answer~~~

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I am also interested to know how the colorization is done (by what queries) and whether that is customizable. I didn’t see this mentioned in the documentation anywhere.

I dug through the code a bit and found that it appears to be currently hard-coded, so it cannot be disabled or customized.

Some references:

  • packages\grafana-data\src\utils\logs.ts defines getLogLevel
  • getLogLevel searches for strings defined in packages\grafana-data\src\types\logs.ts
  • Patterns are case-insensitive, surrounded by “\b”. For example, “\berr\b”, “\berror\b”, etc.
  • packages\grafana-ui\src\components\Logs\LogRow.tsx - rendering of log rows
  • packages\grafana-ui\src\components\Logs\getLogRowStyles.ts - determines the actual colors based on the level

Here are all the log levels (string = ‘level’) for reference (based on current master branch):

 * Mapping of log level abbreviation to canonical log level.
 * Supported levels are reduce to limit color variation.
export enum LogLevel {
  emerg = 'critical',
  fatal = 'critical',
  alert = 'critical',
  crit = 'critical',
  critical = 'critical',
  warn = 'warning',
  warning = 'warning',
  err = 'error',
  eror = 'error',
  error = 'error',
  info = 'info',
  information = 'info',
  notice = 'info',
  dbug = 'debug',
  debug = 'debug',
  trace = 'trace',
  unknown = 'unknown',

ok, thank you~, I viewed the official docs and also not find how to cancel