How to configure once then use repeatedly on alerting pages?

Hi guys, I encountered one question. I wanna configure the alerting page only once by some rules already existed. (On another functional page, I just need to click one button, then the monitoring SQL can be loaded by GRAFANA alerting page and monitoring page, including the threshold to alert.)
After this once configuration, every time when I want to add the existing monitor(on another functional page) on a new system(on GRAFANA pages), I just need to input the name of the new system, then every SQL monitor could be on the monitoring page and alerting page.

Is the thing above feasible? Any suggestions or advices?
Much thx!

What you describe would be great, but I don’t think there’s any currently implemented functionality that would do it.

If you’re talking about replicating (alerting) dashboards based on a template, I think your best bet is to programmatically create them via the API. There’s some code here for doing this dynamically for EC2 instances, which can probably be modified to fit your needs:

Wow, thx bro! I’ll take a try.