How to create my custom panel in my custom html page like the d3js

I want to create a frontend app that contains the Grafana graphic panel and tables.How can i use it?Do i need to dive into the Grafana codes and modify it?

Yes, you can modify it. It’s not easy to embed in another web application (unless you iframe)

Every panel’s share function have a embed that contains a iframe html code. Does it you want to talk to me ? I know this way can embed in my web application yesterday, thanks very much.[quote=“torkel, post:2, topic:2235, full:true”]
you can use auth proxy feature, put grafana behind nginx / reverse proxy and send the user via http header

How to defined the nginx / reverse proxy server ip address in grafana config file?

what? you mean a white list for the auth proxy? yes there is a such an ini option.