How to disable htpasswd for grafana login

Hi All,
Is there any way to disable htpasswd authentication for Grafana?
Currently I have to create one user using below command
/usr/bin/htpasswd -cs /var/broadhop/.htpasswd
So when I visit ‘’, I have to use credentials of created just above and then login using admin credentials.

May I know how can I bypass first level(.htpasswd) of authentication for grafana?

Not sure I understand this question. htpasswd is the Apache (or maybe Nginx) authentication, what does that have to do with Grafana? Is this a question about how to configure Apache/Nginx?

Per default Grafana does not use htpasswd authentication, see blog post below that describes how to configure it to use an auth proxy:

Thank you Daniel! I had to change my ‘/etc/httpd/conf.d/grafana-proxy.conf’ and restart httpd. After above action, it started bypassing ‘.htpasswd’ file for authentication.