How to hide loading circle

I currently use Grafana with 2 to 5 sec refresh intervals. This however results in the constant showing of the little loading circle in the top right of every panel.

Is there an easy way of disabling them? They are very distracting when using Grafana in an always-on monitoring display.

Loving Grafana for the rest though :slight_smile:

Could you please take a capture and I am willing to help find solutions. Thank you!

There is no option to hide this loading indicator

This is the circle I’m talking about:

Am I the only one who gets very distracted by this when looking at a dozen panels?

Anyone perhaps knows a good workaround?

no, it’s usually only shown in a few milliseconds if your TSDB is quick so the need to hide has not be so high.

If you need to hide it you need to fork source code, modify and build

I have a refresh rate of three seconds, so they keep showing up for a few ms every three seconds on every panel. That’s very distracting.

But too bad.

For who ever is having the same problem,

A quick hack is to have a bookmark with embedded javascript function, simply copy paste as the url:

javascript:(function(){ for(elem of document.getElementsByClassName('panel-loading')){ = 'none'}; })()

You then just need to click on it once you’re on your dashboard page. I am using this trick for demo.

This is virtually the first thing I looked for after installing Grafana. That little circle is really annoying. How do I go about submitting a modification request?


Just wondering if there is an update on this - having it every 3 secs on every panel is distracting so the option to show/unshow would be great.

Noting the javascript post but not sure how to implement it as a bookmark?