How to install an older version 3.1.0

This is probably gonna be a dumb question. I tried to install an older version 3.1.0 from a tarball. From instructions I see there should be a bin folder. Is it built by running “make”?

Also, I have installed go and tests show go is working, but I got the following error when running “make”.

go run build.go setup
Version: 3.1.0, Linux Version: 3.1.0, Package Iteration: 1491647648
go get -v
go get -v
go get -v
go install -v
godep restore
godep: [WARNING]: godep should only be used inside a valid go package directory and
godep: [WARNING]: may not function correctly. You are probably outside of your $GOPATH.
godep: [WARNING]:       Current Directory: /home/fei/Installs/grafana-3.1.0
godep: [WARNING]:       $GOPATH: 
godep: WARNING: Godep workspaces (./Godeps/_workspace) are deprecated and support for them will be removed when go1.8 is released.
godep: WARNING: Go version (go1.6) & $GO15VENDOREXPERIMENT= wants to enable the vendor experiment, but disabling because a Godep workspace (Godeps/_workspace) exists
godep: Error restore requires GOPATH but it is empty.
Makefile:4: recipe for target 'deps' failed
make: *** [deps] Error 1

Really wondering what is the correct way to do it?

from source or from an official binary release package?

You have binary releases here:

Awesome, thanks. This tarball has the bin/ folder. Don’t know why all the
tarballs I downloaded from here don’t have it:

the github is the place where the code repository exists, github create source code tarballs for each release version. So that is just a tarball with the code, no binaries