How to list and import Graphite dashboards in Grafana?

I want to add Grafana as an alternate Dashboard to already existing Graphite. I have added Graphite as a data source in Grafana and can check graphite metrics. But, I don’t see any interface through which I can list and import already existing dashboards in Graphite. In import interface, only option is to import from json or Grafana dashboard. There seems to be no option for importing from Graphite.

That was possible in older versions of Grafana but has been phased out due to no one using the feature anymore. Here is the feature request which was closed due to lack of interest.

There are some standard dashboards on that might be of some help.

Otherwise if you have a lot of dashboards, you will have to write your own importer. Grafana has an HTTP API that could be used with a library for generating the dashboard JSON (Uber’s grafana-dashboard-gen or Weavework’s grafanalib).

A tool like Wizzy might also be useful for moving/copying panels between dashboards.

Thanks Daniellee for the quick response…

Yes, we have a lot of dashboards. I’m planning to run both Grafana & Graphite dashboard parallely for sometime, till the folks here are familiar with the new interface. I’ll check out the tools you shared. I think I’ll end up in writing custom importer for this case.

One last question, why can’t I find that this feature is removed in the changelog. I also thought that this feature might have been removed but couldn’t find that written anywhere.

Thank you so much.


Not all changes get included in the changelog otherwise it would be 10 times longer. I’m not sure but I guess this change was considered of little interest to most users and was therefore not included.

I think the link to the migration/Import from page got removed after version 3.0. So it might be worth installing v3.0, importing your dashboards and then upgrading to 4.2.0 again. Grafana automatically upgrades dashboards so that old dashboards will always work in the latest version of Grafana.

BTW, the page you are looking for is this one: and I think it used to be in the settings menu somewhere.

Ok, sound like worth a shot. Thank you for all the help :slight_smile: