How to measure the traffic generated by Grafana


I have just installed Grafana and I connected it to my Zabbix installation. Now, I want to measure the traffic generated between the two hosts. How can I do that?

you can enable Grafana internal metrics if you have a Graphite server. It includes counters for data source requests etc.

There is also a metrics api endpoint:

Beside that maybe there are some stats in Zabbix?

Thanks for the prompt reply.

Yes, there is traffic statistics in Zabbix but I need traffic measuring between the two hosts - the Grafana server and the Zabbix server and that is not possible using Zabbix.

I tried to use a Linux tool called “iftop” but it does not show even one connection between the two hosts and that is very strange.

In addition, is Grafana adding much load on the Zabbix DB?

No idea, depends on how many dashboards your viewing, time range, and refresh rates.