How to minimize the size of the Output data

Hi @mstoykov,
I am looking for some guides that outline how I’d go about k6 > telegraf > influxdb > grafana workflow. I saw some feedback in the other community thread (K6 testing with InfluxDB/Grafana/Prometheus?) saying k6 doesn’t support telegraf and doesn’t plan to implement support for it in the future. However, looking at this post and your suggestion to use telegraf to aggregate the metrics for minimizing the size of output data, could you kinda explain your use case in detail and how did you make it happen? What format of k6 test output should be?
My use case is that the current presentation infrastructure uses telegraph agent as a local endpoint to send data to the MSK streaming platform for the downstream Influxdb to consume data from different sources. I was required to go the same route for sending k6 result to InfluxDB.