How to put the panels one on top of the other?

I’m trying to make a dashboard and I want do display only 2 informations but with a various number of datasources (so the number of panels is various too) as this example

The only thing is I need to use 1 row only and not 2 rows.

The result should be like the right part of this pic:

Can you explain it a bit more? Do you want a row of CPU Load panels and then a row of Memory swap panels? Or should it be every second panel - for example, 1) CPU Load 2) Memory Swap 3) CPU Load 4) Memory swap …

It is generally difficult to do columns in the dashboard layout but I’m not sure exactly what you are asking.

I wish I could do that

Swap1 Swap2 Swap3

with a unknow number of items but I just figured out that it was a very bad idea because if we have more than X (the number max of element per row) it would be ugly.

So I’ll go for CPU1 Swap1 CPU2 Swap2 → with this idea I can control the max number of panel per row and avoid a ugly display :slight_smile:

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