How to restrict the user to change their ldap user profile?


Ldap authentication are working fine with ldap. But once the user logged in with the user, they can see the profile -> edit and update the profile. It will not update the information in the ldap , but its updating in the dashboard.

Lets say i have the user “test” created in the openldap and the role is “viewer”, i can login with the user “test”. When i click on the profile, i can see the infomration and update it. Lets say i changed the username from “test” to “test2” and update it. After i try to login with the user “test” cant login and when i login with test2, ldap say no user(Yes its correct, as per ldap info).

Is there any way to protect the user to update their profile ?

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can any one update me on this ?

No there is no option currently to do this.

Alright. thanks for the udpate.

The only way is we should inform customer not to update their profile. am i right ?