How to select records that is 10 days ago?

I am using InfluxDB, version is 1.3.1 and my grafana version is 4.4.1

I have some records in my table A, and there is a column named “dateOpened”, I want to display the records that is opened 10 days ago, how to do this with where “dataOpened” < xxx?

I found that = and != works for me, but < and > does not work. Is there any bug related to this issue?
Thanks for your help.

influxdb is not a normal data store, you should use it’s built in time field as the time column, then you can use Grafana dashboard time range selector to specify what time range you want to show.

thanks for your reply. Does this mean that if I have a custom column which is timestamp, I can not use this column in the where statement?

you can if it a simple value field, there is no time type in InfluxDB, only float, integers and strings. If you want to store a time value you the built in time column

I see, currently I have one column with some timestamp stored, but it is String type I think. I want to display it on grafana. But > and < doesnot work for me which = and != works, why?

greater and less operator does not work on strings

oh, I see. I have one column “openedDate” and I want to find out all the records whose opened date is 10 days ago, any suggestion how to implement this? Thanks.

yes, store the openedDate in the built in time field

thanks, I will try it. Any other ways if I have more than 1 column need to implement this feature?

influxdb only support one time column (the built in one that all records have)

Thanks, the issue has been solved.