How to switch organisations for following scenery?

A user has a few organisations,can he login to grafana by specifying organisation name so that he can be directed to one of dashboards of the organisation:

for example:

for above url,a user may not have right to access because the default organisation of the user may be not the right organisation,can the organisation name be specified in the url so that the user login to the grafana with the right organisation? If not,any workarounds?


You can use the organization id in the url: as a querystring parameter. An example:

You can find the org id for each organization on the Global Orgs page.

Can we use organisation name instead of org_id?

in fact,we integrated the Grafana to another system,which should not access the grafana backend database.


At the moment, there is only support for the orgId parameter. You can get the organization by name from API if you need to integrate it with another system.