I want to design a dashboard with n levels like html buttons. based on mysql data the color should change in bottom level and propagate to top level

For My POC work,
consider 3 levels i.e 3 dashboards . every dashboard design with buttons. click on one button it will take to 2nd level using hyperlink. For this i used HTML in TEXT panel. and the backend is MYSQL. The button color will change in bottom level bcoz of some value from mysql is maybe (0- red,1 -green,>1 -yellow) . and this color change in bottom dashboard i.e 3rd level should propagate to top level i.e 1st dashboard.
My questn is that where to write code to change the button color based on mysql data . is there any way to communicate between HTML text plugin and mysql plugin . please reply me ASAP. otherwise POC will fail :thinking:.Capture this image is top level … when i click on NCWAK it open next dashboard it color should be in red.