iFrame's rock! Calendar?


I got an iFrame working with my helpdesk page the other day and love the layout I can now get. I have time and then all unassigned tickets and then tickets by users next to that… all by using the iframe to link to our pre-built .asp page.

My next question would be if anyone has every tried linking to a Exchange calendar or up next list. I would love to have a list of upcoming events for the Helpdesk team to see so they action them!


Are you using Grafana for this, it’s a bit unclear?

Are you asking if you can include an Exchange calendar in an iframe in Grafana?


I am generating this page in Grafana… using iFrame’s to .asp pages that contain that data.

My main goal here is to be able to have a ‘What’s On Today’ page appearing on my Grafana page. So that members of the team know that at 11:00 we have a presentation to help with or a helpdesk thingie etc. I would see it working if we could have an RSS Feed in Grafana or similar that would show what is coming up. I mentioned Exchange because like most businesses that is what our mail platform is.



As long as you have a url to exchange you should be able to include that as an iframe.

As an alternative you may be able to use the SimpleJson datasource where you can integrate against basically whatever you want.

Hope this helps