integralByInterval support

Hello, I’m new to graphite/grafana and I already configured my first dashboard.

I’d really want to have a graph with (large) bars, displaying my internet traffic, like

hour 1.00 -> 360MB
hour 2.00 -> 200MB

I wrote a simple script to get the data from /proc filesystem, and it sends to graphite every 30 min the amount of data received/trasmitted by the “wan” interface. Looking into graphite i discovered the function I need:

integralByInterval(seriesList, intervalUnit)

This will do the same as integral() funcion, except resetting the total to 0 at the given time in the parameter “from” Useful for finding totals per hour/day/week/..

So I updated graphite to the lastest version, but grafana does not display this new function on its GUI.
Are you planning to support this new function? Is there any dev snapshot with this function included?
If not, how can I have the same results without using this function?

Many Thanks!

We have yet to add some of the new functions, you can still use them in if you toggle editor mode using the query hamburger menu

Nice! Many thanks.
I’m having little troubles getting the job done but the new function seems operational :slight_smile:)