Is there a way to config maximum returned traces

There is a Limit on Tempo TraceQL page,
According this doc: Configure | Grafana Tempo documentation.
I set 100, but I still is able to set the limit to 300 and even a extremely big number.

I also searched Mimir repo, and didn’t find this max_result_limit.

Hi! If the limit in the UI is greater than, the actual limit is Here you can check the code that adjusts the limit based on the received param in the query and the actual config.

Hi @mariorodriguez, thanks for your reply. But when I see the return results. it would return more than 100 results. I think my configuration might be wrong. I am using helm to deploy Mimir, if I have customized changes, I would use yq to replace the default value.
Something like this:

      # The maximum allowed value of the limit parameter on search requests. 
      max_result_limit: 100

But I found the original doesn’t have a max_result_limit.

It seems even though I set the limit is 10 on the front page, I would get more than 10 results.

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