Jenkins Status in Grafana

Hi Team,

I am running K6 test using Jenkins and sending output in influx db and integrated that with Grafana.

is It possible to store Jenkins build status (Pass/ fail) in influx db, so that we can read that in Grafana

Hi @vish_s02

With k6 you should be storing the k6 thresholds, which cause the Jenkins pipeline to fail or pass. We are still looking into the thread you opened mentioning that you don’t see the thresholds in influxdb.

Apart from that, if I understand correctly, you would want Jenkins to send the pass/fails to InfluxDb for a given pipeline. In that case, you probably need to look into monitoring Jenkins with Grafana and InfluxDb. As other steps in the pipeline can cause it to fail, not just the k6 tests.

I haven’t tried it myself, though I see for example this recent post: which uses the Jenkins InfluxDB Plugin and provides an example for building a Grafana dashboard.

I’ve seen some old community dashboards as well. However, they might be broken for recent Grafana versions of Grafana. E.g. Jenkins Build Status | Grafana Labs.

For k6 results it’s probably best to use our output that integrate with the Jenkins plugin. It will take care of sending the information without custom configurations in the Jenkins InfluxDB Plugin that you would need to maintain. I’ll get back to you on the issue with not seeing the thresholds in influxdb](Threshold results in influx + grafana - #7 by vish_s02) as soon as I can.

Let me know if we can further help with this one.