KairosDB Datasource Plugins Pull Request

We have been using kairosDB plugin for a long while in work, while having a plugins fork at the same time.
We recently found a bug in the plugin default alias rendering after update to 4.5.x and up.
A pull request from our fork is made but never replied, it seems like the plugin maintainer is not active currently, is there anyone that we can reach out?

It does look pretty dead. Maybe try asking if you can help maintain the project?

Thanks for the reply,
I see that you are one of the contributor.
Do you know who should I talk to to become a collaborator or help maintain the project?

The KairosDB plugin used to be a part of core Grafana and it was spun off into an external plugin and given to the KairosDB contributors. So Iā€™m not a contributor unfortunately.

The person to contact is https://github.com/jifwin - he is the owner of the repo.

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Thanks :slight_smile: