Legend Avg does not display correct value


I have an issue with the Avg field in legend. When I am displaying all queries it doesn’t show the correct value. However I noticed that when I select to display only one, the avg filed shows the correct value. Look at the attached screenshots.The first one for dbs_0 says avg=3 and second one avg 3.39 which seems correct. Also the avg is updated for all queries even if they are not displayed.

It seems the only difference is the number of decimals.

If you do not specify how many decimals (you can in legend tab), then it’s going to use the same number of decimals as the graph Y axis, and that is determined based on the min/max of all series rendered. When you only show one series the min/max could change (as only one series is being renderd) and hence the decimals used for the legend can also change when you click to only show one series-

Hello again,

I think I found something. If I change the decimal filed in legend from auto to 2 it displays correctly. Why auto truncates? And why auto behavior is different if I display one query vs all?