Legend of 'Label to Fields' Transform result issue

We want to display a legend on a query result that has been transformed ‘Label to fields’, but the legend doesn’t work and only displays the field names.

The desired legend display is
Net Card-1:
NIC Card

Net Card-2:
PCIe device

Net Card-n:

wich one:
n = netCardIndex
xxxx= value from the label (netCardFuction), result from transform ‘Label to Fields’

Any idea about this?


Grafana Version: v9.2.6

*example query result from prometheus
netCardFunction{netCardFunction=“NIC Card”,netCardIndex=“1”} 1
netCardFunction{netCardFunction=“PCIe device”,netCardIndex=“2”} 1
netCardFunction{netCardFunction=“PCIe device”,netCardIndex=“3”} 1
netCardFunction{netCardFunction=“PCIe device”,netCardIndex=“4”} 1