Load Balancer - Grafana/Influxdb

Hi Experts,

We are currently configured with 2 App servers (Grafana) & 2 DB Servers (Inflxudb) in our Production Server. Data Job comes from Talend.

Can you help on how we need to plan Load Balancer logic and Maintaining user sessions?


You can set up Grafana with HA: https://grafana.com/docs/tutorials/ha_setup/. The load balancer logic will probably depend on what you’re specifically trying to achieve.

With this setup you will also likely need to set up HA for Influx, which is potentially trickier. Unless you pay for Influx Enterprise/Influx Cloud, you will need a relay like https://github.com/veepee-moc/influxdb-relay or https://github.com/toni-moreno/influxdb-srelay

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Thank for your reply . I’m planning to go for Nginx Load Balancer ?

Any suggestion from your end?