Load data without time range control

Hi Team,

I need to set up a dashboard (tables and timeseries panesl) that loads the data only with the given RunID,

and without depending on time range control.

any workaround. Guide me on this.

hello, you can use this variable “Run ID” in your infludb query
as a filter or where condition, do you use influxdb 2.0 ?
if yes this one of my example using var with Flux :

|> filter(fn: (r) => r["Run_id"] == "${run_id}")

if you don’t want query depending ont time range. you can use fix duration in the range function from your query, (since you pull data from influxdb you still need a range of time).
check this link:

What does your flux query look like?


I filter the results based on the “Run ID” but, to display the results I need to adjust the time range control, otherwise the data not loading.

I’m using InfluxDB 1.8 and Influxql where clause.

Guide me.

yes if it’s a tag, you can query it without any time range.
else you can use constant time range to be sure to get your value.
else Grafana save the default time range for each board. You can save custom time range too.