Making acknowledgement icon more visible

Hi Grafana team. Our users complain they cannot notice on wide screens that an alert has been acknowledged. Is there a way in Grafana to make the icon more visible or use a different color to highlight the “acknowledged” icon?
I found only the option to resize all elements within a panel. But this does not suit all our panels.

What icon do you mean?

I mean the balloon icon that can be empty (not acknowledged) or filled (acknowledged). See the screenshot

However, I have found an option in the panel settings that allows choosing a different color for acknowledged alerts. I hope this will meet the requirements.

That is not grafana but a custom panel / plugin

What plugin is this… I have some uses for this…

not sure, open the panel in edit mode, the panel name should be to the left of the tabs

Looks like it’s Grafana-Zabbix plugin