Map ldap groups to grafana org roles with Org ID - First Login

When using LDAP groups mapped to an ORG ID upon first login the user is dropped into the Main Org ID. Is there a suggested way to have the user dropped into the assigned ORG ID?

For Example:

LDAP user Jim is in Org Role: Editor in Org ID 3. Upon first login Jim gets put to the Home page of ORG ID 1. Jim must click on the Grafana Sun ICON to drill down and select ORG ID 3. This forces us to do a write up or hand touch a user / help them.

Q: Is there anyway to have the user drop into ORG ID 3?

Much thanks,

Don’t think there is any way to do this just with config.

This seems to be undocumented (which I will fix!) but I think it is possible using the api to set the current org per user by doing a HTTP post with a user who is a “Grafana Admin” to:


where :id is the user’s id and :orgId is the orgId to switch to.