Metrics not reflecting on Grafana

I’m using grafana to track metrics from my application.
I’m sending below string to server, but wont be able to see it on grafana.
a) environment.xy.project.1_2_1.test.GOOGLE.Pixel- x 1794:1|c

but If I use
b) environment.xy.project.1_2_1.test.GOOGLE.Pixel-2.9:1|c or

c) environment.xy.project.1_2_1.test.GOOGLE.9.1080 x 1794:1|c

It got reflected.

What I understand from this is number of values separated by . should not be more than 8(e.g. b and c). If I exceeds it then its not reflecting on grafana.

Could some one let me know if I’m sending wrong parameter or what to grafana

Thanks in Advance.