MySQL datasource query editor

Currently there is only a fulltext editor for the mysql datasource. I quite like the way its done in the influxdb datasource where you can click your query which covers 90% of use cases but if you cant click it you can switch to text editor and do the more complicated stuff that way.

Is there a click editor planned aswell or will there only be the text editor? I’m not so much interested in mysql itself but I cloned the mysql plugin to connect to postgresql and was wondering if this was intended for other sql datasources aswell.

We are not intending to make a visual editor for MySQL. The SQL language is way too large and complex to be able make one (it is really hard with InfluxDB despite the InfluxDB query language being simpler than SQL).

We instead want to make it simpler by providing macros that generate SQL.

The nice thing about a visual editor is not having to remember column/table names. Will the fulltext editor have a callback into the database to suggest valid columns/tables/functions?

It doesn’t have that capability yet but that’s the idea. We are currently working on this feature for Prometheus and we plan to do it for all the data sources that use a text editor.

Is it true that this query editor for mysql now comes in grafana V5.4? I found the info here

And I found an PR on github here

Yes, mysql will get query editor with grafana 5.4