[Need advices] How could I do a load test of my Grafana container?

I’m using Grafana with an IFrame inside my Meteor app. Now I’d like to test if 50users access the web page where I display this IFrame. I founded Locust but it only do some GET http://www.example.com/dataGraph and with Meteor it’s not sufficient because it returns the structure but it doesn’t load the data.

Open manually in Chrome the /dataGraph and the Grafana container will use 1%cpu for 1-2secondes
Do the GET and the Grafana container won’t affect CPU usage

So how could I simulate 50users displaying the graph on their browser ?

Can you not use Locust directly against Grafana? Or do you want to specifically load test Grafana via an iFrame?

Hm yes I could try to do the request one Grafana directly. The reason why I wanted to test via the iFrame is because my app display Grafana in an iFrame so I though it would be better to load test the app/iFrame.

I’ll try on Grafana directly