Need help with Virables


i already created a Dashboard and i think it looks pretty good. There are just 2 problem that i can´t solve.
First Problem:
I did a drop down menu with Hosts and Interfaces. The Problem is, when i choose more than one Interface the Graphs show no data and i dont understand why ?
SELECT distinct(“value”) FROM “metrics” WHERE (“host” = ‘Entwicklung’ AND “service” = ‘Interface Traffic’ AND “performanceLabel” = ‘[[Interface]]_traffic_in’) AND timeFilter GROUP BY time(__interval) fill(null)
This is my Query. I created a Variabel for Hosts and Interfaces and both Variabels work.
I would appreciate if someone could help me that Grafana show me multi-value. (I enabled Multi-Value)

Second Problem:

If i choose an other Host Grafana still show me the same Dashboard. How can i fix this Problem ? Is there a way that i can create a few Dashboards that are connected to each other ?
I would appreciate your help and ideas.

Thanks so much!

Solved it myself :slight_smile:

Can I know how you solved the issue.
I need to know how to send alerts notification when using template variable in query.