Need to design a dash board solution


I have Apache server and following two type of request (HTTP) is passing into it:

  1. get-list request
    2, download request

I want to create a dashboard, on which i can reflect following use cases:

  • "how many success/fail/Repeating request in the system ( the date could be selected ) ".
  • how many/which IP keep sending repeating request ( include the download url, files size and so on ) to the platform.

Will the above kind of dashboard motioning solution be implemented using Grafana?

Are you using a collector to save the data about Apache to a time series database?

There are a couple of dashboards for Apache on - but if you can use those depends on the collector and database that you are using.

currently, i am in analysis phase of the dashboard. I am thinking how can i implement my dashboard using grafana.

for now, i have no idea how to design.

are you suggesting to save the data about apache in a DB first? Will oracle DB be suitable?

following question:

  1. request and response are logging into apache server. shall i write a script to read logs and then populate the data base?
  2. what you meaning by "collector "?
    Please help.