Network graphic that has no sense

Hi, I’m not sure if is the right place for this kind of question, in that case, I’m sorry…

I have this machine on GCP with ubuntu 16:04 running a VCS server(gitea) and a jenkins, the repositories are small (the biggest 60MB). We are a small team, so there are not so many people accessing the server. I don’t understand how that graphic is possible.

The metrics come from telegraf, I have other server with the same telegraf configuration but with logical graphics.
How can I figure out who is generating that such traffic?

This is the query and the generated graphic.

SELECT derivative(“bytes_recv”, 10s) AS “Bytes_received”, derivative(“bytes_sent”, 10s) AS “Bytes_sent” FROM “autogen”.“net” WHERE “host” =~ /^$hostName$/ AND $timeFilter GROUP BY “host”


I will try to answer/give you some advices.

You should see in the graph which host the traffic are coming from since your grouping by “host”. Then you can access that machine manually and run some manual checks too identify who is generating that traffic and/or if it seems to report/display the correct data

Are you sure that you have selected the correct unit in Grafana? Edit panel -> Axes -> Unit

Since you’re using Telegraf and influxdb I would suggest influxdb community for further support around those.