New function advice(updated)

Very nice Dashboards tool, some advice as follow:

  1. Add chart color customization function, many chart plugins can’t change color(such as: Graph)

  2. Many charts invoked by different Dashboards, but it can’t create charts folder, please add charts folder function. like Metabase.

  3. Many Dashboards need to show to anonymous users, add a Sharing privilege management function, so they can view anonymous privilege Dashboards and not need to login.

4.add a function, disable viewers or anonymous users to inspect data function(very important).

  1. add a global switch, enable or disable zoom chart by mouse.

  2. add a default time range button on chart, chart will renew to default time range if click it.

  3. about Absolute time range, please use two calendars to set FROM time and TO time separately, It usual causes interference when the set time range exceeds years.

  4. add PDF file export function, such as: export Dashboard and Dashboard folder to PDF files, like Tableau.


Thank you for your great feedback, Grafana is driven by the community and as such your opinions matters.

I would recommend you put your ideas as requests for enhancement on the official Grafana github repo, this way your ideas can get upvotes and be promoted to a release.

Hope it helps.

Good Luck

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